Community Health Concern

At Family Medical Group we wanted to inform you of what we are doing concerning the recent news regarding the local glass factory and the levels of arsenic and cadmium in the air. We have been following  the story and what follows is our recommendations concerning this issue. 

At this time it is not known what the effects of these levels will have on health in general. The effects of exposure to these elements are typically things that happen in the future, not acutely.  Given this, there are no symptoms that people would have from exposure to this for many years. The best thing to do in these situations is to stop the exposure. Our understanding is that the processes that have been using  these elements have been discontinued at this time.

We have had patients calling and asking if there is a test that can be done.  We do have testing available to measure levels of these elements but the current test is very expensive (over $700) and most insurance policies will not cover this type of testing.  At this time we are not recommending testing but if you would like to have this done we recommend that you make an appointment to discuss the risks/benefits with your provider.

The DEQ also has published an update regarding this issue and you can read this with the following link: